SENZEAL | How often should car tires be replaced?
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SENZEAL | How often should car tires be replaced?

As a part of the car that is directly in contact with the ground, the safety of the tire is never allowed to be overlooked. If the tire is aging and damaged too seriously, it will directly affect safe driving. So the owner of the car needs to replace the tires every once in a while or after driving a certain distance. So how often should you replace your tires?

Generally speaking, according to the driving habits of most owners, the service life standard of automobile tires is three to five years, or the driving mileage reaches 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. However, there is no accurate answer, as the service life of tires is closely related to the driving environment, habits, frequency, and condition of the vehicle.

For example, if the mileage has not reached 60,000 kilometers or more, does it mean that the tires do not need to be replaced? This is wrong thinking. Since the main material of tires is rubber, and rubber will gradually deteriorate over time. Therefore, even if the mileage has not reached the standard, and the wear and tear of the tires is not serious. But the aging degree of the tire has reached the standard of replacement. In such cases, it is necessary to consider replacing the tire.

Therefore, it is recommended that tires can be replaced once in 3 to 5 years. The exact time can be according to the tire wear, mileage and the condition of your car.

In addition, when the car is running, the tires will produce friction with the ground. Over time, these wear will not only reduce the service life of tires, but also affect driving safety. In order to prevent traffic accidents, it is recommended that they should be checked or replaced in a timely, and also pay extra attention to whether the tires are bulging before driving.

To determine if a tire needs to be replaced, check to see if it has the following six characteristics:
1. When the tire pattern is very badly worn;
2. When the tire develops bulge;
3. When the tire is six years old;
4. When the tread or sidewall of a tire is severely damaged;
5. When the tire has more than 3 or more patches;
6. When the surface of the tire is aging with cracks.

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