SENZEAL | Treatment Method For Water Ingress Into Car Lights
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SENZEAL | Treatment Method For Water Ingress Into Car Lights

If the sealing gasket of the car lights ages, resulting in a decrease in sealing performance, or if the lampshade is damaged or cracked, water vapor and dust will enter the car lights. This not only affects the appearance of the car lights, but also leads to a decrease in lighting effect, affecting the safety of driving at night or on rainy days. In serious cases, it may cause electronic circuits to short-circuit. Therefore, when water vapor enters the car lights due to the above situation, corresponding maintenance and treatment should be carried out in a timely manner, and accessories should be replaced.

We can judge whether the car lights are flooded or fogged based on the traces of water flow. Fogging will generally form a thin layer of small water droplets on the surface of the lampshade, without traces of water flow. If water enters the car lights, the amount of water vapor is relatively large, and it will condense into dewdrops and gather under the lampshade, with obvious traces of water flow. Even if the water evaporates and dries, there will still be traces.

Secondly, we can also judge by whether the fog will dissipate on its own. Usually, for the fog, the lamp system works for about an hour and the fog will dissipate; the vehicle stops in a relatively dry underground garage, the fog will also gradually dissipate in one to two days. If it is the case of water enters the car lights, because the amount of water vapor is relatively large, can not be completely dissipated and accumulated in the interior of the car lights. When the lights are used for a long time and many times, as the temperature rises, the fog will reattach to the inner surface of the lamp lens.

In daily driving, in the season of large temperature difference and humidity, pay attention to regularly check the vehicle's lighting system. Generally speaking, as long as there is no fog inside the lights, but only fog on the inner surface of the lampshade, it is a normal phenomenon. Usually the lights on for about one hour, the light irradiation area of the fog can be completely dissipated, at the same time, the fog in other areas is also basically dissipated, does not affect the normal use of the car lights.

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