• Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester

Pencil Tire Pressure Tester

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Tire pressure is very important! The wrong pressure can lead to tire failure and accidents, regularly checking your tire pressure is the best way to ensure your tires never dip far below the optimal PSI.
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  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
  • Pencil Tire Pressure Tester
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Product Details:
Made of aluminum alloy pencil pressure gauge, ABS indicator.
Dimension: 142mm / 5.6" L x 10mm / 0.4" D
Tyre pressure gauge mouth diameter: 8mm / 0.3"
Measurement: 5-50PSI, 0.5-3.5KG, 50-350kpa (1KG=14.5PSI  1KG=100KPA)

Production Features:
-Tyre pressure checker helps you know your tire air pressure to keep safe driving.
-Pocket-sized pressure gauge provides a quick, simple way for checking tire pressure to improve fuel consumption and avoid premature wear.
-Tires are safety performance indicators for car driving. 
-Tires would be influenced by these factors: air pressure, temperature, load, speed, road conditions, ambient temperature, continuous driving time, etc.
-Air pressure is the life of the tire. In order to ensure the safety performance of the car at high speed, we must measure the air pressure and temperature of the tire.
-Adjust the tire pressure and temperature by effectively controlling the speed and continuous running time to achieve a safe driving range.

How to Use?
- Put the open ball part on the valve stem, which has inserted.
- Take insert on a valve core, then the indicator will come out when tire pressure gauge checks the tire air.
- Read the measure of indicator, check the tyre pressure in safety range or not.
- There is a deflate button on the ball, please release a bit of air when the tire pressure is over high.

Package Included: 
2x Pencil Tire Pressure Gauges
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