What Does the Dash Light Mean?
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What Does the Dash Light Mean?

These lights on the car dash are called "Survival Lights", so pay attention to it!


Don’t underestimate the indicator lights on the car dash. Many car enthusiasts pay very little attention to the dashboard, but as a good and experienced driver, the indicator lights on the dashboard are not limited to the fuel gauge and speed. The table is also an important indicator of light for the safety hazards we find in vehicles.

The engine temperature gauge is also called "water temperature gauge", that is, the "boat" icon on the car dial. In the water temperature gauge, C represents the current temperature of 60 degrees, and H represents the current temperature of 110 degrees. In general, the normal temperature of a car should be 85-90 degrees. And the pointer should be kept in the middle position. If the water temperature is abnormal, there are two main reasons: the water pipe is blocked by garbage, and the coolant is not enough.

If the tire pressure is not at the normal air pressure, the warning light will be on. If it is not handled in time, the vehicle is likely to roll over and puncture during driving. Some cars may not be equipped with the tire pressure check, so when driving, when the changing season comes, you should go to the auto repair shop to check and repair in time to the auto repair shop to replace the problem. The old driver suggested that you can buy a tire pressure tester on the Internet shopping platform or carry a tire pressure gauge with you. When the car travels abnormally, you can also make a reasonable judgment.

People say that the brake system is the "safe heart" of the car and the driver. If it fails, the car with the best power will be useless. Most cars are equipped with a brake safety detection system. When the brake alarm light is on, first step on the brake to see if it is not the same as usual. If the degree of elasticity of the brake is different from usual, you should reduce the vehicle speed at this time, and drive to a nearby 4s shop or auto repair shop for maintenance. In general, the service life of brake fluid and brake pads are based on 5000 kilometers, and they must be replaced in due course.
Conclusion: If these lights on the car are on, they should be paid attention in time, and the driver can also make a corresponding safety pre-judgment in advance according to his warning. Once the most important lights on the car are on, you should find a safe place or an auto repair shop for parking inspection to ensure your safety.

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