10 Tips for Emergency Car Repair.
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10 Tips for Emergency Car Repair.

10 Tips for Emergency Car Repair.

Some failures will inevitably occur when driving out. Now some simple and easy emergency repair methods are introduced as follows:

(1) Fuel tank damage.
When the motor vehicle is in use, if the fuel tank leaks, you can wipe the oil spill clean, apply soap or bubble gum to the oil leak, and temporarily block it; use epoxy resin adhesive to repair, the effect is better.

(2) Tubing rupture.
When the oil pipe ruptures, wipe the rupture clean, apply soap, wrap the rupture of the oil pipe with a cloth strip or tape, tie it tightly with iron wire, and then apply a layer of soap.
(3) Broken tubing.
When the oil pipe is broken, you can find a rubber or plastic pipe that fits the diameter of the oil pipe. If the sleeve is not tight enough, tie the ends with iron wire to prevent oil leakage.

(4) The cylinder head has blisters and oil and water leakage.
According to the size of the trachoma, you can choose the corresponding specifications of the electrician fuse, gently smash it into the trachoma with a hand hammer to eliminate oil leakage and water leakage.
(5) Leakage of the oil pipe joint.
When the motor vehicle is used, if the engine oil pipe joint leaks oil, it is mostly caused by the leak of the oil pipe bell mouth and the oil pipe nut. You can use cotton yarn to wrap around the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut to the tubing joint. You can also chew bubble gum or maltose into a paste and apply it to the seat of the tubing nut. After it dries, it will play a sealing role.
(6) The inlet and outlet hoses are broken.
When the rupture is not large, you can use a cloth coated with soap to wrap up the water leak; if the rupture is large, you can cut the hose rupture, put a bamboo pipe or iron pipe in the middle, and tie it with wire.

(7) The fan belt is broken.
You can tie the broken belt with iron wire.
(8) Screw hole slide fastener.
Screw hole slide fastener will cause oil leakage or loose connecting rod, making it unable to work. At this time, the original screw can be hammered flat with a hammer to increase the expansion of both sides and then tightened, but it cannot be disassembled many times and will be repaired during the next maintenance.
(9) Diaphragm or oil pump diaphragm is broken.
The oil pump can be disassembled to take out the diaphragm, which is formed by bakelite board, electrical insulating bakelite or plastic cloth according to the original shape and size, polished and installed.

(10) Valve spring is broken.
After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be removed, and the broken two sections can be installed in reverse to use. You can also find a piece of iron sheet 1 mm thick and cut it into a disc 1 mm larger than the diameter of the spring. Cut a circular hole inside, the diameter is less than 4 mm in diameter of the spring. The outer edge is cut into a 4 mm long slit every 6 mm. After that, fold one piece at a time to form a double-sided spring seat slot, and then put the spring back into the iron slot to use.

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