Spring Cleaning for Your Car.
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Having different auto accessories/auto parts can really change the look and feel of your vehicle!
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Spring Cleaning for Your Car.

Spring Cleaning for Your Car.

It is best to do a thorough cleaning and sterilization of the car that has been driven for a while. After long-term use, many bacteria will remain on the car's roof, seat cover, air outlet, carpet, etc. In addition, fruit juice, smoke, food residue, children or pet urine, feces, hair, and other remnants are will also endangered our health.

In-vehicle cleaning cannot use only one kind of detergent and protective products. Due to the different materials in each part of the car, and the relatively scattered, you should choose to use different cleaning agents. Most decoration shops that do beauty in the car will choose cleaners with higher alkaline content. Although they have whitening and decontamination effects, they will have some problems. Too strong alkaline cleaners will soak the flannel, leather chairs and ceiling, Eventually, there will be hardening and cracking. The professional approach should be to choose a cleaning solution with a PH value of no more than 10, in conjunction with a pumping machine dedicated to beauty in the car, while cleaning, there is a large amount of circulating water to bring out the dirty things and cleaning agents, and the water vapor inside this part Pull it out to prevent the moisture from becoming too heavy, and to rot or even fall off over time.
In the cleaning of the car, you should also pay special attention to the various switch buttons and audio circuit parts in the car. Avoid using a lot of water to clean the buttons and circuit parts, so as to avoid short circuit and damage to the computer system in the car. Especially for some high-end cars, each part is controlled by a computer, and care should be taken when moving and wiping.

After cleaning the interior of the car, apply a layer of the protective agent to the instrument panel and leather chair. There are three types of leather protective agents: emulsifying, oily and water-based. The emulsifying protective agent has a cleaning function but is more alkaline; the oil-based protective agent contains a solvent component, which will erode and decompose the resin and pigment on the leather and cause the leather to fade. It is best not to choose. The water-based maintenance agent is neutral, it has the function of restoring elasticity and gloss of soft leather, and has the effects of waterproofing and antifouling.

The final process of professional car beauty is sterilization and deodorization. The general beauty shop's approach to the odor in the car is to spray it with perfume or freshener and press the odor, but it can't eliminate the odor source. Special fungicides are sprayed on leather chairs, footpads or leftover dirt of children, pets, etc. The internal enzymes produce decomposition odor source "Staphylococcus aureus", which can completely remove odor and the growth of bacteria. It is truly clean and hygienic.

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