Time to Checked out Your Car Airbag!
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Time to Checked out Your Car Airbag!

Time to Checked out Your Car Airbag!

Car airbags are a very important configuration that cannot be ignored in daily driving but are often ignored by car owners. Any spare part has a life span, even such as airbags.


Since the airbag concept was introduced in 1953, airbags have become the most basic configuration of automobiles. And car companies are gradually improving on airbags. For example, single airbags, double airbags, four airbags, six airbags, side airbags, knee airbags, head curtains, and so on. However, as a passive safety device installed inside the body, the life of the airbag is easily overlooked.

Does a 10-year-old airbag still work?
Theoretically, the life of the car's airbag is designed to be the same as that of the car. The problem is that in the course of using a car, you will inevitably change parts or maintenance. Airbags have been ignored.
So, how long is the life of a car's airbag? No one has a clear answer, although many companies claim that airbag life is about 15 years. The airbags on a 10-year-old car actually have a hidden danger of failure.

The airbag consists of a collision sensor, a control module (ECU), a gas generator and an airbag system. When a collision occurs, the controller of the airbag recognizes and judges the intensity of the collision based on the acceleration signal sent by the sensor. When the collision intensity reaches the design conditions, the sensor that detonates the airbag quickly triggers the igniter to detonate the solid nitrogen particles and form a rapidly expanding gas.

However, the airbag initiating chemical (deflagration agent) is likely to deteriorate and fail within a few years, and the sealing coating wrapped on the airbag may also fail, so it is best to replace the airbag within 8 to 10 years of use if conditions permit.


After the vehicle is started, If the airbag indicator light flashes for 5 seconds, it indicates that the airbag is malfunctioning and must be inspected and disposed of in time at a 4S shop. The vehicle will have an OBD self-test process during the startup process, including the airbag system test.
The design of airbags does not have uniform standards in various countries around the world, and these technologies also belong to the trade secrets of various auto manufacturers. Even the standards of airbags of different types and different grades of the same brand are different. Therefore, troubleshooting and replacement of airbags must be carried out at authorized 4S stores.

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