How to Adjust Your Seat and Mirrors?
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How to Adjust Your Seat and Mirrors?


How to adjust the seat and mirror?

How to adjust the seat and mirror? Such a simple problem is the most source of avoiding the danger of driving. According to a survey, incorrect driving posture and poor visibility of the mirror will directly lead to traffic accidents. Don’t think this is talking about other people’s affairs. If you do n’t believe it, check your own driving posture now.

First, adjust the height of the seat. Adjust the seat up and down so that the head is at least one punch away from the roof. If the seat is adjusted too high, the head of the vehicle will easily hit the roof during bumps, and if it is adjusted too short, it will affect the sight. Then adjust the front and back distance. When the foot presses the brake pedal to the deepest point, the leg must still have a certain amount of bending; and the backrest can neither be too straight nor half lying. The best driving state is when the shoulder is When leaning back naturally, the wrist should be able to be placed on the steering wheel after the arms are straightened so that the force can be ensured when the steering wheel is twisted, and the display of the instrument panel's kilometers, hourly speed, fuel volume, and other functions can Within sight.

When holding the steering wheel with both hands, it is best to put it at the "3 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" positions. The thumb naturally rests on the steering wheel spokes. Some drivers like to thumb inwards or take a wheel from the inside when turning to make directions. In fact, this is a very dangerous driving habit. This will make the driver unclear about the steering feedback of the steering wheel. Fingers may also be injured on poor roads or in emergency operations.

After adjusting the seats, you can adjust the mirrors. Skilled drivers know that there are three "rear eyes" in the car, referring to the mirrors on both sides and the rearview mirrors in the car. For exterior mirrors, the horizontal line between the sky and the ground should be in the upper half of the rearview mirror, that is, two-thirds of the ground and one-third of the sky can be seen in the exterior rearview mirror. Make sure that most road conditions are insight. When adjusting left and right, the body should also be in the sight range of the exterior rearview mirror, but not too much, as long as you can grasp the situation near the body.

For reflectors that are not full-field, it is best to add a wide-angle lens to the corner of the mirror, so as to ensure a more comprehensive view of the road. However, do not modify unqualified products without permission. Some reflectors have an unreasonable curved surface design. After long-term use, they may cause the driver's illusion of sight and cause danger. The last thing to adjust is the interior rearview mirror. The driver should be able to clearly observe the rear road conditions after sitting down. In principle, it should be as low as possible to master more ground information. In addition, it should be noted that some car owners like to place large items near the rear window. In fact, this is the most influential effect on the rearview.

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