Car Stall Causes and Prevention.
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Car Stall Causes and Prevention.

Car Stall Causes and Prevention.

 Cause of flameout:
1. Automatic car model:
Automatic transmission models will not easily turn off, while manual transmission models may not always stop due to low driving levels. However, it is not ruled out that the automatic transmission car will not stall. The main reason is that the use of poor quality fuel (many gas stations sell impure oil for profiteering) causes the engine to deposit carbon and stall.
2. In addition, the main reason for the new car (automatic gear) to turn off is due to the lack of driving skills. Another possibility is the problem of the car engine or the oil circuit, but for new cars, the problem of the engine itself is more likely. Small, most of the reason is the problem of the oil circuit.
3. In the end, for old models, the reason for the flameout is not only the lack of driving skills but also the flameout caused by the use of unqualified oil to make the engine collect carbon.
Car Automatic gear troubleshooting:
Pay attention to the usual place: For the phenomenon of the automatic transmission car stalling, it is mainly caused by the use of poor quality fuel. One is to go to a regular larger gas station to increase the fuel level, which can ensure your car's long life and good power during exercise. The second is to go to a large qualified gas station to refuel!
Practical operation: Hold the steering wheel firmly with your left hand to stabilize the direction (because there is no power, so you must firmly hold the foot), the hand brake on the right foot to reduce the speed as much as possible, and then quickly switch the AT gear to the N gear The fire must be in the N gear, not D / R / P gear, otherwise, the car will either not catch fire, or the car gearbox will be damaged), then return the key to one grid, and then reignite the fire, and then the AT gear The position returns to normal driving in the D range.
Car manual gear troubleshooting:
1. For novices, half-stop is not a new topic. The main method of elimination is to quickly run in and improve your driving skills.
2. Use high standard and high-quality fuel.
3. Thoroughly clean the oil circuit, including fuel injection nozzle, throttle, fuel tank, etc. It may be that the quality of the oil you added is not close enough. There is too much glue, which blocks the oil path and makes the oil attack difficult.
4. The main reason for the failure of the vehicle to stop at idle speed is that there is too much dust in the air. When the engine is running, there is a lot of dirt deposited on the idling motor valve core and throttle seat. Low, poor stability of idle speed, idling flameout will occur when driving. The solution to this problem is simple: just clean the idle motor.
5. Whether the oil passage is unblocked, which is also likely to cause a half-way flameout.
6. Your vehicle may have problems with lubrication or electrical circuits due to long-term parking. In case of longer parking time, you should do thorough maintenance before replacing it, replace the oil, filter, etc., and check the fuel, circuit, etc. as appropriate.

In short, whether it is a new car or an old car, whether it is an automatic gear or a manual gear, whether it is a veteran or a novice, it is best to add higher-grade oil when refueling, even if it is more expensive, it can protect your engine from carbon deposits. In addition, regular maintenance is also very important, often check whether the oil circuit and circuit are smooth.

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