Why Don't All Cars Have Gas Tanks on the Same Side?
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Why Don't All Cars Have Gas Tanks on the Same Side?

Why Don't All Cars Have Gas Tanks on the Same Side?

Have you ever made such a joke when refueling the car? When driving into the gas station, there will often be staff reminders, please adjust your car directions on the other side, so that every time you refuel Think about which direction I have to drive to add fuel. Why are some fuel tank fillers on the left and other fuel tank fillers on the right?

In fact, the dashboard of each car reminds the owner of the direction of the fuel tank filler of your car. Please pay attention to the small arrow in the picture above, which points to the right, indicating that the fuel tank filler of this car is on the right. Why can’t the positions of the fuel tank fillers be unified? In fact, this design is very learned and not designed randomly!

First reason: balancing the weight of the car body
 The weight of the car body has always been one of the issues that manufacturers pay special attention to. When manufacturing a vehicle, it is necessary to consider the smooth performance of the car body. In order to achieve balance, the fuel tank will be placed on the other rear side of the car!


Second reason: consider refueling speed
 Because both sides of the dispenser can be refueled, it can speed up the refueling.
Third reason: driving direction delineation
 Different countries have different driving directions, such as German, American, and Swedish vehicles drive on the right, so most of German and American cars ’fuel ports are on the right; Japanese vehicles drive on the left, so Japanese cars The fuel inlet is also designed on the left. The exception is Korean cars, because the fuel tanks of Korean cars are usually on the same side as the driver's position, mainly because Korean cars start from imitating Japanese cars, so they learn the same as Japanese cars. Designed on the left.

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