How to Remove Smoke Smell from Car?
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How to Remove Smoke Smell from Car?

How to Remove Smoke Smell from Car?

No one wants a ride that smells like cigarettes.
There are many drivers who like to smoke in the car. The smoking process is very enjoyable, but after smoking, the smoke will diffuse in the car and it will be extremely difficult to remove. To the health of the driver and his family, it is urgent to remove the smell of smoke in the car.

- Roll the window down. The easiest thing you can do is let the air out of your car. Roll down all your windows and leave windows open for several hours.
- Keep doors open, not just windows. This will maximize the amount of air flowing into the car. At the same time, turning on the electric fan in the car can make airflow faster.
- Choose a windy day to exhaust the air from the car. When it is parked at a certain place, do not start the car or turn on the fan.

Clean the car.
Use the vehicle seat cleaner to wash the seat and base. Scrub the interior of the car from top to bottom. The carpeting needs to be removed and cleaned separately. If you find it difficult to remove odors from the carpet, replace the seat mat with a new one.

Try using vinegar, coffee grounds, or baking soda.
People choose these things usually just cover up the odor instead of removing it.
Put a bowl of vinegar, a container with fresh coffee grounds, or open the bag of charcoal in the car. Leave them in the car for overnight or a few days.
Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface of the car interior and leave it overnight. Use a vacuum cleaner the next morning to absorb excess powder.

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