Winter Driving Saftey Tips
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Winter Driving Saftey Tips

Winter Driving Saftey Tips

Driving in winter can be dangerous, snowfall can reduce visibility, and icing can make roads particularly slippery, and your car may be more damaged in winter. Therefore, the car needs necessary preventive maintenance throughout the year, especially in winter, and protective measures should be strengthened. Here are 4 ways that winter weather may cause wear and tear on your car and how to repair them.
1. Pay attention to the battery.
Batteries are critical to the overall performance of a car, and special attention should be paid in winter. When the temperature is really cold, the battery cannot provide the current it deserves, and if your battery ages badly, it will lose more current. Although you have also replaced the battery of your car every three to five years in accordance with the maintenance requirements, in winter no matter how old or new the battery is, it will be damaged by the cold season. So you have to check the battery for corrosion in the winter and carefully
check the Spark Plug.
A warm car is key to keeping the battery fully charged. About 30 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest temperature that the battery can withstand. Therefore, parking your car in a heated or unheated garage may help the battery survive sub-freezing temperatures. If you ca n’t use the garage, park your car as much as possible under an empty carport near a warm building. Covered protection can also protect your car.


2. Car lubricants.
The low temperature will also reduce the efficiency of automobile oils (such as engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, gearbox and wiper fluid), and the oil will thicken, which will weaken its ability to perform work. Run, make sure your car oil is in normal condition.

3. Wipers are not always suitable for winter weather.
Speaking of windshields, the effects of these wipers may not be very good for removing snow and ice. Cold weather may damage the rubber on the wiper, making the scraper useless and unable to ensure that you are in rain or snow. You can see the road ahead. Therefore, worn-out blades should be replaced, and other methods should be used to remove snow and winter dirt from the windshield. If you need to clear the ice on the windshield, avoid using hot water, which may cause the windshield to crack. It is recommended that you use an alcohol spray to safely clean the windshield.

4. Warm up the car before you start driving.
Now that we have the injectors and sensors, we can make sure that enough fuel enters the engine and it can be done in less than a minute. Therefore, leaving the car idle for a long time is relatively meaningless. The best way to heat the engine is to start driving. Cold weather requires more care for the car.

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