What Do Different Colors of Car Exhaust Mean?
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What Do Different Colors of Car Exhaust Mean?

What Do Different Colors of Car Exhaust Mean?
Sometimes, you may notice from the rearview mirror that the car is "smoke" out of the exhaust pipe. Generally, car exhaust will be more or less colored, but different colors have different meanings, which should not be easily ignored by car owners.

To check the color of the exhaust, you may need a friend to help you. Please ask your friend to stand behind the car, pay attention to the exhaust pipe, and then you start the engine, step on the accelerator, and let him help distinguish the color of the exhaust.
1. Colorless exhaust
Congratulations, this car is well maintained.
2. Black exhaust
A small amount of black exhaust may be a big problem. However, it should be noted that the black exhaust indicates that the mixture is too rich, that is, the gasoline composition of the mixture in the cylinder exceeds the normal level. The reason may be: the air filter is dirty and the air intake is insufficient; the carburetor is malfunctioning, or the oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe is dirty, and the correct information cannot be provided to the computer.

These problems will cause carbon deposits on the valve, affect the sealing of the combustion chamber, and cause the engine power to decrease, resulting in a decrease in the power of the vehicle, and the acceleration will be slow and boring. If necessary, find a technician to help you correct it.
3. Blue exhaust
If the exhaust gas emitted by your car is blue, it usually indicates that the engine is burning oil. The reason for the oil entering the cylinder is mostly because the gap between the cylinder and the piston is too large. Too much oil enters the cylinder; more oil is added to the oil pan. When splash lubrication, a large amount of oil enters the cylinder.

The high-temperature gas in the cylinder has penetrated into the oil pan, which makes the oil deteriorate and pollutes, and it will affect the lubrication effect. Therefore, when adding engine oil, be sure to add the appropriate amount according to the requirements, with "High" and "Low" on the dipstick as the standard.
4. White exhaust
If the car's exhaust is slightly white, you don't have to worry too much. If the exhaust gas from the car is too white, it is best to be more mindful. The dense white color in the exhaust is naturally due to the high water content in the exhaust. The causes are nothing more than the following two: too much water in gasoline; or the seal of the water channel is damaged, the cylinder liner is damaged, and the cooling water enters the cylinder.

Observe the exhaust of the car, find out the potential fault from its color in time, and treat the symptoms early.

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