How to Reset The Service Light on VW Golf?
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How to Reset The Oil Change Light on Volkswagen Golf?

How to Reset The Oil Change Light on a Volkswagen Golf?
1. Turn off the ignition switch and then flameout.
2. Press and hold the "0.0" button on the instrument panel, the button position is as shown below.

3. Turn on the ignition switch, and at this time, press and hold the "0.0" button with your left hand.
4. When any of the following messages are displayed on the instrument panel display, release the button.
Reset oil change service? (Are you sure you want to reset the maintenance service data?)
Reset inspection service? (Are you sure you want to reset the data of the vehicle condition inspection service?)
5. Press the "0.0" button again to confirm, just press once.
6. Check whether the maintenance lamp has been reset to zero if not, you must start from the beginning.

When the prescribed maintenance is due, the system will emit a signal tone after turning on the ignition switch. At the same time, the instrument display shows a wrench symbol for a few seconds. The display may also display one of the following text messages:
Inspection now!
Oil change now!
Oil change and inspection now! (Oil change and inspection now!)
Turn on the ignition switch, when the engine is not running, press and hold the "0.0" button until the display shows "Service (maintenance)", release the button, the display will show the current maintenance information.
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