What Do You Do When Water Gets in Your Car?
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What Do You Do When Water Gets in Your Car?

What Do You Do When Water Gets in Your Car?

If your car was partially submerged in floodwater, follow our checklist for assessing flood damage afterward.
If a car you drive unfortunately gets into the water, you should deal with it in time. Pay attention to the following points:

1. Remove the battery negative wire as soon as possible to avoid short circuits of various electrical appliances on the car due to water ingress.
2. Immediately check the engine, first check whether there is water in the engine cylinder, the water will cause the connecting rod to be bent and damage the engine.

3. Check if there is water in the engine oil. Water in the engine oil will cause the engine oil to deteriorate, lose its lubricating effect, and cause excessive wear on the engine.


4. Check the gearbox for water. The gearbox water will deteriorate the gear oil in the gearbox and cause gear wear.
5. Check the brake fluid. The water in the brake fluid will deteriorate the brake fluid and cause the brake to malfunction.
6. If water enters the exhaust pipe, the accumulated water should be removed as soon as possible to avoid impurities in the water blocking the three-way catalyst or damaging the oxygen sensor.
7. Check whether the battery is full of water, and replace the electrolyte if necessary.
8. The automatic transmission car should check whether the automatic transmission and the transmission control computer have entered the water.
9. Dry the items soaked in the car as soon as possible to avoid mold.

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