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How Many Years Can The Tire Be Used Under Normal Conditions?

How Many Years Can The Tire Be Used Under Normal Conditions?
It was not a big deal to change the tires for cars, but it actually contained a lot of knowledge in it. Many people didn't really understand it when using the tires. So how long should the tires be replaced? Estimated that your answer should be that the tires are not yet exploded? This idea is actually incorrect. If the tire is bursting, it is very dangerous. If you are driving at that time, your life may end on it, so don’t wait until the danger comes. Please pay attention to the problem of replacing the tires. So how many years can the tire be used under normal conditions?
Every car in our car actually has its own life in it. Many people still have a lot of ideas on the tires. But if you say how many years you can normally use them, they really can’t be ensured. Basically, according to the fact that a car needs to walk 10,000 kilometers, it can be used for up to six years. Of course, if your driving habits are not very good in themselves. Then basically it can be replaced in about three years. If the car is a new car, the tires will not be overly ill. In the past six years, it has basically gone to aging. Not only the tires, but the other parts are also gone aging too.

 So how do you know the degree of
tire wear? Generally, the maximum wear is 1.6mm. If you exceed this number, you have to replace the tires. This number is generally used to judge the wear level of your tires. Even the tires have a very good situation, you must also need to consider to prepare a spare tire for your car.

Many people always think that the time when the tires can be used is from the time of changing the tires, but this is not the case. From the date of production, many tires have been produced from the production to the real car for several months. It has passed, or one or two years. You can see if there are any marks on the sides of your tires. The master of the car repair said that we should try to choose the factory date closer to us when we choose, the tire can be used longer.
It is still necessary to combine the actual situation to determine whether our tires are necessary for replacement. This replacement method is actually correct. Many manufacturers will basically tell you three to five years, but if it is the kind of used car, Even if your tires are new, it doesn't really matter. Therefore, we still have to combine the overall situation of the car to make a better judgment.

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