Manual VS Automatic Car Transmissions: Pros & Cons
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MT VS AT - Pros & Cons

Manual VS Automatic Car Transmissions: Pros & Cons

Manual transmission


Advantage 1: Price
Compared with the same configuration of automatic transmission models, manual transmission prices are often cheaper, generally about $1552 cheaper. For the first purchase of a car or a small budget, it can save a lot of costs, which is equivalent to one year's premium refueling. It is indeed a large number, which is also the outstanding advantage of manual gears.
Advantage 2: Performance
If the manual transmission itself is of good quality, it is almost impossible to fail if it is used properly.
1. Manual gear requires using hands and feet. For newbies, dead fire is common;
2. Driving on congested roads requires constant shifting. It will be more difficult for a long time. Especially when traveling in line during peak hours, the manual gear starts slowly, and it is often interrupted by other cars.
3. It is difficult to start on a steep slope, and it is easy to slip on a steep road.


Advantage 1: Ease of operation
The automatic gear is simple to control, and the gears drive anytime. There is no need to shift gears and step on and off during the whole process.
Advantage 2: Comfort
When driving on a congested road in an urban area, the automatic gear is still quite comfortable. It is enough to release the lower brake when you drive the car. The strength is not enough to refuel. The manual gear needs to loosen the clutch continuously, loosen the brake, and change the throttle. Once you got up to speed, you had to start up slowly from the 1st gear. From time to time, you had to stare forward to prevent being cut in by other cars.
Advantage 3: Security
Regardless of whether it is starting on a steep slope or igniting a gear, automatic cars will not slip, nor will they fail. For careless people, automatic gear models will never reverse to a forward gear.
1. It is expensive to purchase a car more than a manual transmission model;
2. Lack of driving pleasure, especially when driving a long distance, it will enter the fool mode for a long time, easy to get sleepy.

3. Maintenance and later costs are more expensive.

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