How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows?
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How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows?

How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows?

Now that the weather is getting colder, many people have noticed that there is a lot of mist condensing on the car glass when driving normally. The accumulation of car fog will cause the driver's driving sight to be lost. Traffic accidents can easily occur once the environment is on a complex road. So one of the things that must be done when driving in cold weather is defogging. And when many people face the fog of the window, they will choose to use the warm air to defog.

Most people use the AC button to turn on the warm air, because the temperature of the engine is used to heat, which is not only very dry but also difficult to defog for a short time. However, turning on the AC button will cause fuel consumption to rise.


In fact, automobile defogging can not only be blown with warm air but also the other method, which not only does not consume fuel consumption but also achieves a perfect defogging effect. We just need to take the detergent at home, mix the detergent and water at a ratio of 1:10, and we can make a natural defogger. When driving, usually take out the defogging agent and spray it on the window, and then wipe the front and back sides of the window cleanly after applying evenly. This will prevent the car from forming fog again.

Dishwashing liquid is usually used when washing dishes, so this kind of defogging agent actually does not need cost. The use of detergent to defog uses the hydrophilicity of the detergent. When the defogging agent is evenly applied to the surface of the car, a hydrophilic film will form on the surface. At this time, although there is still water on the glass, The visual effect is extremely clean. Learn this trick, and the window will become brighter in the future.
Don't be afraid of foggy cars. There are many ways to remove fog. Using this wet wipe can clear the fog of the rearview mirror so that you can always maintain a clear vision when driving.

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