How to Drive Safely at Night?
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How to Drive Safely at Night?

How to Drive Safely at Night?

We often hear people complaining that driving at night will feel difficult, mainly because the lights are dim and the road ahead is clear. It is even more difficult to see the intersection vehicle, especially on roads without street lights. It is easy to feel tired. If it is a rainy night, and many people wear glasses, it will be more difficult to drive, but the car will always be used.

First of all, the problem of lighting must be solved. Generally, the brightness of the headlight of the vehicle will deteriorate after 3-4 years of use. The aging and peeling of the reflective plate coating, or the presence of water fog on the reflective plate, affects the light-collecting ability of the headlight. This can be solved by replacing the headlight bulb and wiping the headlight reflector with a napkin. Some people will replace some very expensive and bright light bulbs. Although they are more comfortable, it is very sad for others if they reflect light, so this is not recommended.

In the city, there are generally street lights, which should not be a problem. The main thing is that on the road without street lights if the lights are not good, driving is really tiring.
The following countermeasures can be taken:
1. First, make sure the headlight light is in the right position.
2. You can use the high beam when driving. Switch to the low beam 100 meters before the vehicle intersection, and then use the high beam.
3. Generally, yellow or white lane lines are marked on the roads. When driving at night, pay more attention to the lane lines in front, which will make it easier.
4. When meeting with the car on the opposite side, you don’t need to go to the opposite side and focus on the lane in front. Just drive in your own lane and slow down properly. Generally, the driver will turn on the low beam when crossing the car, which will not be very dazzling. Of course, there are some novices who do not understand the use of low and high beam lights. There are also cases where the high beam has been used, and some unreasonable drivers also He will always use the high beam, which can only slow down further and wait for him to pass. You only need to pay attention to the traffic conditions on the right and don't worry.

5. It is more troublesome in rainy days. The rain on the road will reflect light, and the lane lines can not be clearly seen, especially for drivers wearing glasses. The reflection is more powerful. At this time, it is best to follow the car, it is easier to follow the vehicle in front with the low beam, and the distance between the cars should not be too far. If you don’t have a car to follow, you have to drive slowly. There will always be some people with good driving skills ahead of you. Then you can follow the car again. Or you could use the Car Sun Visor Extension to reduce the reflection. In addition, at night, the pavement after rain is usually gray-black, the bumps, mud ponds, potholes are black, and the water accumulation is white.

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