8 Life-saving Tricks When Car Breaks Fail.
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8 Life-saving Tricks When Car Breaks Fail.

8 Life-saving Tricks When Car Breaks Fail.

What if the car suddenly fails to brake? Remember these tips so you can act wisely in an emergency.

Why does the car fail
1. Driver's operation error
Due to the driver's mistakes in operation, confusing the accelerator and brake is the main cause of many accidents.
2. Old car brake system

Brake pads also wear out over time, and in this case safety incidents also occur.
3. Snowy roads cause danger
The brakes may fail due to the road may freeze in winter. At this time, all the driver can do is drive at low speed to ensure safety.

In the event of a brake failure, how can the driver protect himself and the car in an emergency?
1. Foot brake on downhill
When the situation is wrong, don't step on the accelerator, pay attention to the road conditions in time, and avoid collisions with other vehicles. At the same time, slowly pull up the handbrake. If you are too anxious, you will damage the wire.
2. Change the gear shift in time
Switching from high gear to low gear can reduce the speed of the car.
3. Friction with the mountain
If both sides of the mountain, you could drive closely the side gradually, so that the vehicle speed can be lowered down by friction.
4. Cab side friction
If the right side cannot rub against the mountain, the left side can also rub against the roadside, allowing the force generated by the friction to absorb the speed of the car.
5. Open car whistle ask for others gives way
Pass your situation to surrounding vehicles in time through the horn to avoid the collision.
6. Turn on the double flash

Through the emergency lights to warn, make aware of vehicles behind the vehicle, avoid overtaking or rear-end collision occurs that causes accidents.
7. Collision with the car in front
If it fails, you can bump into the rear of the vehicle in front. Although both injuries, you can stop the vehicle by hitting it a few times.
8. Emergency lane
If you are lucky, there will be emergency lanes, and there will be uphill slopes to use with brake failure.

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