What to Do If the Headlight Cover of the Car Become Yellow?
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What to Do If the Headlight Cover of the Car Become Yellow?

What to Do If the Headlight Cover of the Car Become Yellow?

There are a lot of old cars that have been driving for seven or eight years. The cover of the headlights gradually starts to yellow, and the lighting effect is extremely reduced. Not only does it affect the appearance, but it also reduces the safety of driving. Today Senzeal-auto will teach you how to solve this problem by yourself ~

Beauty wax polishing
This is also a good way to solve the long-term yellowing of the car lampshade. The effect is quite good compared to its original yellowing. Special cosmetic wax is used to polish the yellowed car lampshade. The slight yellowing and patterns can be treated.

Soapy water
Soap water is attributed to weakly alkaline substances, not corrosive, its nature is gentle and has a high cleaning ability. We only need to pour the soaked soapy water (can be thicker) evenly on the exterior of the car headlights, about 10 minutes, and then use the nano-sponge mana rub (soft sponge is also acceptable) to repeat the scrub, you can completely The dust is removed, and it also has a certain polishing effect.

Sandpaper polishing
The sandpaper can be used to polish so that the scratches of the car can be removed. It is a more useful method for removing the scratches on the car, but first of all, in order to prevent the car lights from being damaged, we can first use soapy water to wet the sandpaper, then polish it. It should be noted here that for sandpaper, we should choose fine sandpaper, but coarse sandpaper will scratch the headlight lampshade, which is counterproductive.

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