How to Unlock Your Seat Belt in An Emergency Accident?
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How to Unlock Your Seat Belt in An Emergency Accident?

How to Unlock Your Seat Belt in An Emergency Accident?

Some people don't mind if their seat belts are working properly, and some people don't even use seat belts, even though seat belts are important. A seat belt failure may not get your attention until you have an accident.
Whether it is a slow-retracting seat belt or a seat belt that does not retract, both are very annoying. The dirty belt is the main reason. Your car seat belt is very important because it is the primary thing we use to ensure the safety of passengers, including yourself. If there is an accident, they will minimize the danger for you.
However, we cannot completely avoid the seat belt is stuck or jammed for some special reasons. One of the main reasons is dirt. It sounds a bit disgusting, but your seat belts have accumulated dust for years.

Have you ever worn a seat belt that does not wear a shirt or using a seat belt after exercising?
The examples I gave are the reason why the seat belts accumulate dust and the reason that the seat belt is stuck. But don't worry, there are several easy ways to fix a seat belt that won't be retracted by dust.

Just follow these steps:
1. Take a small bucket, fill it with hot water, and then put a little detergent.
2. Place a towel on the front seat, which is where you want to put the bucket.
3. Pick up the seat belt and pull it out completely until it stops, and put something on the seat belt to prevent it from retracting.
4. Now put the seat belt into the bucket for about 15 minutes, then squeeze again to remove as much dust as possible and let it sit for another 15 minutes.
5. Pull the belt out and place it over the towel and water as much as possible with a towel.
6. Pull out the seat belt and let it dry.

In addition to cleaning, removing the seat belt can also solve some problems, such as checking that the seat belt is stuck or stuck, and if an accident occurs and the seat belt does not work well, it can cause serious problems.
If you don't have time to do all the cleaning work, you can prepare an 
Emergency Escape Tool to avoid this situation. It is for quick escapes to ensure the safety of your family and friends. One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting seat belts, and the other end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.


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