Five Treatment Options: Prevent Car Skin Diseases.
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Five Treatment Options: Prevent Car Skin Diseases.

Five Treatment Options: Prevent Car Skin Diseases.

First, Car paint oxidation
Frequent sunlight is the main reason for shortening the life of car paint. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight will eventually cause the oxidation of the car coating. If the car body is still hung with water droplets when it is exposed to sunlight, the oxidation rate will be much faster.
Countermeasures: How to deal with the oxidation of car paint? If it is slightly oxidized, it can be removed with wax. Once the oxidation is serious, it must be ground and polished.

Second, car paint cracks
If your car is painted with metal, you should pay attention to prevent the paint from cracking. This is a very fine crack that will continue to penetrate the car paint until it "breaks down" the entire paint layer. The initial stage of cracking is difficult to detect with the naked eye. It was already serious when it was noticeable to the naked eye. When waxing and polishing, you will find streaks in the car body, which is due to the presence of car wax in the cracks. Due to the quality of paint spraying, the resin in car paint will also crack due to "shrinkage". This "skin disease" can only be cured by repainting.

Coping measures: Frequent waxing is a good way to reduce the occurrence of cracks. When the cracks are still in the "budding" period, the wax can throw away the cracks that are not visible to the naked eye.

Third, the car paint fades
The fumes and pollutants in the atmosphere are the main causes of the fade and discoloration of car paint, especially in industrial areas and large cities. Discoloration and discoloration generally occur on the front cover, roof and rear lid of the car body. This discoloration is different from oxidation: when oxidized, the whole body is blackened and whitish, and when discolored, the car paint has uneven color difference. The discoloration of the metal paint is caused by the corrosion of the aluminum foil in the metal paint by dust, acid and alkali in the rainwater. The color paint is due to the chemical reaction between the pigment in the paint and the above contaminants, resulting in a change in color, and sometimes etch marks.
Countermeasures: To prevent the car paint from fading, diligent waxing is of course indispensable. In addition, diligent car washing can also reduce fading, and slight fading can be treated by waxing and polishing. Moderate discoloration can be treated by grinding. In severe cases, paint must be repainted.

Fourth, car paint watermarks
Almost all kinds of car paint may have watermarks or watermarks. The watermarks are ring-shaped, which are the traces left after the water droplets evaporate. The chemical substances in the watermarks will continue to chemically react with the car paint when the car body heats up under the sunlight, thereby aggravating the "illness". Oxidized cars, cars that are often used for washing spirits, and cracked cars are more susceptible to watermark.
Countermeasures: When the watermark is slight, waxing and polishing can be removed, and in severe cases, grinding or painting is required.

Fifth, car paint etch marks
What is the difference between etching marks and watermarks? The watermark phenomenon occurs in a circle of water droplets, which is ring-shaped, and the erosion mark is a piece of the entire water droplet, not a circle. Bird and insect relics, leaves, and tar pitch are all likely to cause erosion. These substances will chemically react with car paint and begin to penetrate. They penetrate much faster than watermarks.
Countermeasures: Generally, paint spray can only be used to get rid of car paint erosion, only very slight can be solved by grinding and polishing. Commonly used advanced wax polished car paint helps prevent the appearance of etch marks.

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