How Often Does Highlander Replace the Antifreeze?
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How Often Does Highlander Replace the Antifreeze?

How Often Does Highlander Replace the Antifreeze?

The antifreeze replacement cycle is recommended to be replaced every two years or 40,000 km on Highlander. This needs to be replaced according to the actual conditions of the car and is not strictly regulated. For routine maintenance, the coolant level should be between MAX and MIN and added if necessary. Here are the steps to replace the antifreeze:

1. Open the radiator cover and the upper water pipe, loosen the radiator under the radiator, the thermostat and the drain of the rear air conditioner to discharge the old coolant, and the remaining coolant of the storage liquid should also be drained and cleaned.
2. Drain and use a wind gun to blow out excess coolant.
3. Install the rear drain pipe, the radiator downpipe and the water pipe at the thermostat, and then add the coolant from the radiator and the liquid storage tank.
4. Open the radiator cover, it will appear a small number of air bubbles will emerge, wait a moment and till the liquid level drop, then you could add the coolant.
5. Finally, carefully release excess gas.
Note: Adding the coolant when the engine has cooled sufficiently. Or it will damage the engine.
● Avoid foreign matter (such as sand or dust) in the coolant.
● Do not use any coolant additives.

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