What Are The Benefits of Opening Car Sunroofs Frequently?
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What Are The Benefits of Opening Car Sunroofs Frequently?

What Are The Benefits of Opening Car Sunroofs Frequently?

Traditionally, car sunroofs are considered luxury goods and are only used in high-end cars. But in recent years, more and more car manufacturers have launched some sunroof models to cater to consumers' tastes. In order to pursue fashion, some car owners have added manual or electric sunroofs without the sunroofs.
The use of car sunroofs gives drivers and passengers a different feeling. But like cars, skylights also need correct use and reasonable maintenance to play their role and extend their service life. What is the use of car sunroof? What are the precautions during use? How should car sunroof be maintained? This reporter interviewed relevant experts in the industry. Experts said that in addition to luxury fashion, car sunroofs also have many benefits, especially when the sunroof is opened in traffic jams and high-speed driving, it will produce different effects.

Open skylight in the morning to release harmful gas.
Every morning, many car owners will rush to work in a hurry, and experts recommend opening the skylight at this time. According to relevant experts, air pollution in the car seriously affects the health of the occupants. Especially after the car has been sealed for a period of time, the car is filled with harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in decorative products. Therefore, the first thing to get in the car after overnight is to open the sunroof of the car and use its superior negative pressure ventilation principle to filter the air in the car to protect the health of the occupants.

When Traffic jam open skylights to prevent exhaust gas from entering the car.
Experts suggest that the car sunroof should be opened during traffic jams. Because all vehicles are at a standstill during traffic jams, vehicle exhaust will inevitably be scattered in the air. At this time, opening the car sunroof and closing the side windows will exhaust the exhaust gas in the car and filter it through the car air conditioner to complete the exchange of fresh air.

Open the sunroof after exposure to balance the interior temperature.
In the hot summer, after the car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car becomes very high. At this time, the car owner should open the car sunroof in time. Experiments show that the most ideal way to achieve the equilibrium of the temperature in the car is to open the air conditioner and the car sunroof. The ideal oxygen supply will ensure the comfort and safety of the occupants.

The high-speed skylight can reduce wind noise.
When driving at high speeds, car owners are often troubled by the noise generated when the side windows are opened and the side wind blowing their faces. If you open the sunroof and close the side windows at this time, you can effectively prevent such situations. Especially when the vehicle speed reaches 100 kilometers per hour, the noise caused by opening the side window ventilation can be as high as 110 decibels, and if the car sunroof is opened, the noise is only 69 decibels; secondly, the airflow quickly flows at the top of the sunroof, thereby forming a negative effect Pressure, the dirty air is drawn out, the application of this principle solves the problem of side wind flapping surface. From this point of view, it is particularly important to open the sunroof of the car at high speed for ventilation.

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