How (and When) to Inject Air Into Car Tires?
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How (and When) to Inject Air Into Car Tires?

How (and When) to Inject Air Into Car Tires?
Maintaining the correct air pressure in car tires is one of the easiest but most overlooked aspects of daily car maintenance. If your tires are not properly inflated, if you have the most powerful engine, the sharpest steering, or the largest set of brakes, this will not matter. Things will get worse, and soon.

If your tires are under-inflated, this is a more common problem than over-inflated tires, your car’s driving, operation and performance will be affected, the life of the tires will be shortened, fuel economy will be reduced, in the worst case, You may have a serious accident.

Insufficient tire inflation will affect the driving safety of the car, affect the accuracy of steering, and even worsen your fuel mileage. This is because the insufficient contact patch (tire contact road) of the pneumatic tire will be larger and cause more friction between the tire and the road surface.
On the contrary, severely over-inflated tires can also cause the same problem, especially when your vehicle responds to rapid maneuvers or emergency situations.
Keeping your tires properly inflated will make them longer-this is quick and easy to do.

Thankfully, knowing the correct tire pressure for your car or truck is as easy as looking in the owner's manual. You can also routinely find a vehicle-information sticker on the drivers-side door jam. On some vehicles, this sticker might be found on the fuel flap, inside the glove box, or even placed on the trunk lid.

How to Inflate Your Car’s Tires
- Park close enough to the air compressor so you can reach all four tires with the hose.
- If the valve caps are still on, remove them.
- Press the hose nozzle down on the valve stem. Air may flow automatically or you may need to press a lever. You should notice the tire inflating and feel air flowing through the hose.
- Remove the hose fitting or release the inflation lever. Check the air pressure, as described above, using the gauge on the hose or your own tire gauge.
- Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed until the tire is inflated to the correct psi.
- Repeats steps 3-5 for the vehicle’s other tires.
- Once the tires are inflated properly, replace the valve caps.

Tip: If you hear or feel air coming out of the hose nozzle while you’re trying to fill the tire, says you should check that it is properly connected to the tire valve stem.

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