How to Change a Car Tire?
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How to Change a Car Tire?

How to Change a Car Tire?

1. Take out the tool, first, jack up the car slightly with a jack, and loosen the wheel nut before the tire is not off the ground. This is to prevent the tire from turning when the nut is tightened.


Sometimes the nut was corrosion or is too tight to be loose. Or even the wrench is damaged due to excessive force. You can use rags or paper towels to dip some flammable materials, put them on the screwed nuts and ignite and heat them. Use a wrench to lightly press a plate to remove the nuts. Of course, there are other methods, but this method is the most primitive and effective, and be careful not to cause a fire.

2. After loosening the nuts, continue to press the car with a jack, and after the tires are completely off the ground, remove the original tires.

3. Install the spare tire and fix all the nuts separately according to the principle of diagonal order.
4. Finally, lift the jack and finish the changing work!

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