Why Is There No Rear Wiper for the Sedan Car?
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Why Is There No Rear Wiper for the Sedan Car?

Why Is There No Rear Wiper for the Sedan Car?

1. Because the rear windshield of the sedan has a large slope, the wiper is installed will hinder the travel. Due to the front wiper of the sedan is hidden behind the hood, it is just blocked by the hood when high-speed air flows through the front. The wiper has no effect on the car.
However, the rear window has a large tilt, and the rear wiper has no hiding place. The wind speed during the vehicle is fast, which not only hinders the travel but also seriously affects the wiper efficiency.
The hatchback can be installed the wiper is because the rear window is almost vertical, the wind speed is slow, and it has little effect on the wipers.


2. The sedan has a unique "advantage" in aerodynamics, so there is no need for a rear wiper.
From the perspective of aerodynamics, when the Sedan car is driving at high speed, a negative pressure turbulence area will be formed at the rear of the car. The dust and dirt rolled up by the wheels will hover in the negative pressure turbulence area, which is very easy to attach to the negative pressure area On the body.
Because the rear windshield of the hatchback is in the negative pressure zone, it is easier to attach rainwater sludge and affect the sight. The majority of the negative pressure area of ​​the sedan is in the trunk and below, so the windshield is very safe, the "car bottom" is more easily dirty, and due to the airflow, the water on the curved rear window glass will be blown off.

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