Why Car Windows Have Those Little Black Dots?
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Why Car Windows Have Those Little Black Dots?

Why Car Windows Have Those Little Black Dots?

You may not have thought too much about the pattern of small black dots on the edges of the windows of cars and buses. Sure, they look cool, but what do they do?
Its function is very simple, it is used to block the sunlight. When the driver drives to the sun when looking at the rear-view mirror, there will be some glare, and these small black spots are a clever solution to this problem. The most important thing is It will not affect the aesthetics, and to a certain extent, it will also beautify the design of the rear window.
In fact, not all windows have small black spots and maybe other shapes, but they all have a characteristic that they are all black colored, and the pattern is getting smaller and smaller until it disappears.


These patterns have a great effect, they can protect the windows in cold winter or hot summer and reduce the damage to the windows from the outside. Our car glass and car are fixed with glue. If the car glass is exposed to sunlight in the hot summer, the metal frame around the car glass will heat up faster and faster, which will expand, but the middle position of the car glass is transparent, and it has a better light transmission and heat dissipation. Contrast the windows so that the danger of a window explosion is greater.
The other one is distributed on the edge of the window, and it seems that the shading effect is not obvious; the black dots on the edge of the window are larger than the black dots on the rear side of the mirror. The first has a good appearance; generally, the window and the body will be sealed with a sealant (especially the front windshield). The sealant will also allow the window to have a better fit. But the disadvantage is not beautiful. You can see those glue marks without occlusion, so these colored areas can serve as occlusion and beautiful.

What is the role of the small black dots near the windows of buses? The small black dots near the windows have a greater function. When the temperature is high on a hot summer day, the temperature of the metal frame around the glass will rise and the expansion, meanwhile, the center of the window is transparent, the temperature rise will not be as fast as the surrounding, this temperature difference may cause the expansion degree of the glass to be inconsistent, which will cause certain damage to the glass. In addition to this effect, the sealant around the window can also be cleverly blocked by these small black spots, which are a much better appearance than the sealant stripes.

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