How to Remove Salt Stains in Your Car?
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How to Remove Salt Stains in Your Car?

How to Remove Salt Stains in Your Car?

If you live in an area where roads use salt to remove snow, you may notice noticeable white stains on the mats and carpets of your vehicle. You better not leave them there, as salt will eventually damage the fibers. However, sometimes "desalting" is not easy and may require more than one effort.
There are several methods you can use, depending on the tool at hand and the severity of the stain.
What do you need
When dealing with these troublesome salting, depending on the method chosen, you will need some combination of the following tools.
-Hard brush
-Vacuum cleaner (some methods are best with a wet / dry powerful vacuum cleaner)
-A Vinegar
- Spray bottle
-Carpet cleaner
-Steam cleaner with seat cover nozzle
-Liquid dishwashing liquid
Step 1: Remove loose debris

Materials required: Vacuum cleaner and hard brush
Regardless of the method chosen, the first step should be to break up the agglomeration part as much as possible and collect it. The easiest way is to use a hard brush and a vacuum cleaner. If you have removable felt pads in your car, first remove them and tap out them.
Next, there are several different products and methods to choose from ...
The second step:
Option 1: water and vinegar
Materials required: vinegar, warm water, spray bottle, towel cloth
First, spray a 50:50 mixed solution of vinegar and warm water on the salt and wait for one minute. Next, fold the small towel, press it firmly on the wet place, and wait for a few seconds. Repeat as needed, refold or use a new towel so that you always absorb moisture with a clean surface.
Option 2: Carpet cleaning solution
Materials required: carpet cleaning solution, towel, hard brush
If using a store-purchased carpet cleaning solution, you should always follow the instructions on the label. Some are concentrated liquid and you can dilute with water, while others are full-strength liquid sprays. Then there is spray foam, usually canned, with a stiff brush on the lid.
Depending on what type you are buying, you may need to brush in the solution and blot off the excess solution before washing is complete.
Option 3: carpet cleaner
Material required: Carpet cleaner with seat cover nozzle
It is best if you have your own carpet cleaner. If not, you can usually rent a home from a nearby hardware store. Please make sure you are renting a seat cover nozzle that can be used for car carpet. Use as directed. Keep in mind that doubling the use of cleaning solutions may not achieve the effect of doubling the cleanliness of car carpets and felts.
Option 4: detergent
Materials required: liquid detergent, warm water, bucket, cloth or brush, wet / dry vacuum cleaner (optional)
This method works best with removable felt pads because it makes the pads wetter than other methods. Mix one portion of liquid dishwashing liquid (do not use automatic dishwasher detergent) with four portions of warm water. Brush the solution in with a clean cloth or brush. Rinse with water. Use a water-absorbing ShopVac vacuum cleaner to suck the rinse water out of the carpet, or dry the mat.


Ask for help
If all else fails, you can ask a car beauty specialist help. They have professional products and skills to remove salt from carpets and make them look new.
Take precautions
Taking precautions is the best strategy. The use of rubber mats in winter (placed directly on the floor, rather than on a felt mat, which could interfere with pedals) can help capture salt and water.
Before getting on the car, you need to remove the snow from the shoes. If the winter carpet is often wet, it may cause rust on the floor or damage seat supports, electric seat motors, and wiring.
Clean rubber pad
It is quick and easy to clean the rubber pads at the end of winter.
First, use the same 1: 4 detergent and water mixture and brush the felt pad with a hard brush. Next, rinse and let it dry.
Last tip
Choose a clear and dry day, or clean the car's carpet in the garage so that you can open the door and let everything dry.
Whatever method you use, make sure to dry everything. Unless you can suck the water away in a vacuum, don't make the carpet too wet. Let it dry or dry it in the sun. Do not place felt pads on wet carpets, or you may experience mildew and other moisture problems.

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