Winter Car Use Practical Tips & Solution
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Winter Car Use Practical Tips & Solution

Winter Car Use Practical Tips & Solution

Winter is very troublesome for many car owners, how to use the car to ensure their own vehicle condition. Don't worry. Today we will talk about these tips for winter car use.

Icy windshields messing with your morning?

Who likes scraping off the ice—especially when you’re in a hurry? Save yourself the trouble and rub a raw onion half on your windows and windshield the night before a big freeze; this strange little car trick will keep frost from forming on the glass. Another way to avoid ice? Cover your windshield with rubber bath mats.


Wiper blades are frozen by snow.

First, remove the snow and frozen ice on the wiper surface, and then enter the car to turn on the hot air conditioner and warm air. The warm wind blows forward for a while, and the snow and ice on the wiper will slowly melt.


Car door lock covered in ice?

What to do when the keyhole is blocked due to icing, you can inject a small amount of lubricating oil or edible oil into the keyhole in advance, and apply a thin oil film on the seals around the door.


Foggy windshields blocking your view?

First, use a rag to wipe off the mist on the glass, but in order to prevent the mist from regenerating, you can leave a small slit on both sides of the window. Convection of air inside and outside the car can accelerate the air circulation inside the car so that the mist can slowly disappear. In addition, you can also choose to start the car and turn on the warm wind of the front windshield, so that the warm wind blows against the front windshield so that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass is reduced so that the mist will be slowly removed.


Icy side mirrors?

To prevent ice from forming on side mirrors, cover them the night before with plastic bags secured with rubber bands or clothespins. When you remove the bags in the morning, the mirrors will be ice-free.

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