Is a 4 Wheel Alignment Necessary?
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Is a 4 Wheel Alignment Necessary?

 Is a 4 Wheel Alignment Necessary?
Car tire deviation is a common problem in-car driving. In most cases, the problem can be solved by doing a 4 wheel alignment. But sometimes it is not good to do  4 wheel alignment. This must be caused by other reasons. The cause must be solved to solve the deviation of the deviation. In addition to the four-wheel misalignment, the main factors that can cause tire deviation are:

1. The tire patterns on both sides are different or the patterns are different in depth and height. It is best to use the same type of tires for all vehicles. At least the two tires of the front and rear axles must be the same, and the depth of the pattern must be the same. It must be replaced when it exceeds the wear limit. In addition, the tire pressure on both sides varies. Unequal tire pressure will cause the tires to become different in size, and rolling will inevitably runoff.


2. The front shock absorber fails. After the front shock absorber fails, the two suspensions are one high and one low while the vehicle is running, and the stress is uneven, resulting in deviation. The absorbency of the shock absorber can be detected by a special vibration damping tester, and the quality of the shock absorber can be judged. If there is no other way to detach, use the pull method to judge.

3. Excessive wear of the chassis components of the vehicle has abnormal clearance. Steering rod ball heads, support arm rubber sleeves, stabilizer bar rubber sleeves, etc. are common parts where the gap is easy to be too large, and the vehicle should be carefully checked.

From this, we can see that although 4 wheel alignment can provide a good guarantee for the safe driving of our car, 4 wheel alignment is not omnipotent. When doing 4 wheel alignment in a repair shop, you should be more cautious. In order to reduce the workload, many repair shops do ambiguity in 4 wheel alignment. For example, normal 4 wheel alignment needs to adjust 8 indicators, and some repair shops only adjust a few of them.

Senzeal-Auto experts team remind owners that after the car is replaced with a new tire or repaired in a collision accident, or there is unilateral wear on the front and rear tires, the steering wheel is too heavy, floats or trembles when driving, and the car runs left or right when driving straight Need to do 4 wheel alignment. If the above situation does not occur, for maintenance purposes, it is also recommended that the new car be driven for four wheels after three months of driving, and the old car every six months or 10,000 kilometers. When doing 4 wheel alignment, it is best for the owner to take a look at the detection computer. The adjusted four-wheel data should be consistent with the above reference data (or factory data). If there are other faults, or if the car has just completed 4 wheel alignment, then it is necessary to find the reason from other aspects.

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