How to Clean Your Car Air Filter?
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How to Clean Your Car Air Filter?

How to Clean Your Car Air Filter?

1) Clean the air filter
Loosen the filter lock, remove the nut holding the filter element, remove the protective cover and pull out the filter element. Take out the filter element, pay attention to prevent impurities from falling into the carburetor. Wipe the inside and outside of the air cleaner case with a rag and gasoline.

Check the degree of contamination of the filter element and clean it. When the filter element is accumulated as dry dust, the compressed air with pressure not higher than 500KPa can be used to blow the dust on the inner and outer surfaces of the filter element from the inside of the filter element up and down in a diagonal direction. If there is no compressed air, use a screwdriver handle to gently tap the filter element, and then use a brush to clean the external dirt.

During operation, do not knock or hit the filter element with the strong force. During cleaning, if the filter element is found to be damaged, the filter element should be replaced. Normally used paper filter elements should be replaced at specified intervals.

2) Check the filter element after cleaning and drying
Turn on the lighting lamp and put it in the filter element to observe the outside for damage, small holes or thinned parts, and check the rubber gasket for damage. If there is any abnormality, the filter element and gasket should be replaced.
3) Replace the filter element of the air filter
Replace according to the regulations of each model. When replacing the filter element, you should pay attention to check the new filter element for damage and whether there is a defect in the gasket. If the defect is found, it should be equipped.

4) Install the air filter.
After cleaning the filter element, install the components in the reverse order of removal. The filter element must be installed reliably, and it is not appropriate to touch the paper part of the filter element with hands or utensils, especially to prevent the oil from contaminating the filter element.
Under normal road conditions, when the car travels 7500-8000km, the air filter must be cleaned and maintained. The interval of maintenance in areas with high levels of sand and dust should be shortened accordingly.
Dry air filters are widely used in new cars. The filter element of the dry air filter is made of resin-treated microporous filter paper, which has the characteristics of good filtration effect and convenient maintenance. The structure and shape are different due to different car models, but the maintenance methods are basically the same. When performing maintenance on it, follow the mileage used by the car manufacturer.

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