Summer Maintenance Car Tips
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Summer Maintenance Car Tips

Summer Maintenance Car Tips

Not only will there be hot weather in summer, but heavy rain or rainstorms are likely to occur in many areas. Many car owners are constantly troubled. It is easy to skid, reduce visibility, blurry vision, and increase the risk factor of driving. It is also a potential for car love. s damage". Senzeal-Auto Service Team has compiled a few tips for you to drive safely and maintain on rainy days.
 Wiper inspection


Try every gear of the Wiper to see if it works properly. In addition, pay attention to the wiper blade wiper is not clean, if it is not cleaning totally, it must be replaced in time. If there is hard dirt on the glass, it should be cleaned manually to avoid damage to the blade and motor.
Temperature, sand, dust, etc. will shorten the life of the wiper blade. You should try to avoid exposure to the sun. Clean the front windshield and wiper blades regularly, especially after it has rained. The necessary wear can extend the life of the wiper blade.
Sealant Strip inspection

We mainly check whether the
Rubber Seals of the door and frame are aging, and check the elasticity of the seal. Press the sealing strip to see if there is any crack and whether it can rebound normally after loosening. If cracks or deformations are found, the seal strip should be replaced.
Tire Inspection

The tire mainly checks the Tire Pressure and wear of the tire and whether there are foreign objects on the tread. If there are foreign objects on the tread, they must be removed in time, otherwise, it will affect its grip. The road is stagnant and the friction is reduced, which can easily cause a rear-end accident.

Tips for car maintenance after rain
1. Maintain the under chassis. Owners can perform "chassis sealing" once, which can isolate the chassis from the outside world, achieve the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and sound insulation, and can effectively extend the life of the body.
  1. Dehumidification in the car. When it rains, the cold wind should be turned on, which not only removes the mist but also dehumidifies. When the rain stops, you should pay more attention to it. The accumulated moisture should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be prone to mildew and other conditions.

3. Indoor disinfection. After the rain, due to temperature and other factors, it is easier to breed various germs, so it is particularly important to disinfect the interior of the car.

4. Car wash in time after rain. Many car owners think that raining is equivalent to taking a bath for the car. As everyone knows, the acid in the rain will corrode the car paint. If it is not handled in time, the paint surface of the car will lose its gloss over time. Therefore, after driving on a rainy day, be sure to go to a regular car beauty shop to clean the car in time.

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