How Often You Should Change Your Car Oil?
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How Often You Should Change Your Car Oil?

How Often You Should Change Your Car Oil?

Dirty oil does not work like fresh oil. The additive in the dirty oil boils, contaminants form in the crankcase and engulf metal parts, and water accumulates over time and forms sludge. More and more metal abrasives are suspended in the oil, which wears the engine parts that should be protected. Therefore, you should change the oil regularly and reasonably. So what is the reasonable time (or mileage) between oil changes?

Tip: All oils look very dark within a few days after changing the oil, so the only way to avoid driving on oil that is too dirty to become responsible is to keep a record of the last replacement time and change it often --Under the extreme working conditions, the frequency of every 1000 miles (I can get these in one minute). By changing the oil frequently, you can get twice the mileage if you use other well-performing engines.

Car intellectuals: You'll be amazed at some of the “extreme operating conditions”: if you drive many times in a city or rush hour, you have to travel a lot on a short trip every day, then leave the car engine for a long enough time so that the engine between them cools and does not often accelerate on the highway. The engine rarely heats up, unable to evaporate the water formed in the crankcase and accumulate sludge in the engine. The other extreme is that if you are driving in hot weather or in places where there is frequent dust or dust, or always towing or towing heavy objects in any of the above cases. Frequent oil changes should be made every 1,000 to 3,000 miles in the old car. In new cars, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for extreme use.

Some manufacturers recommend replacing the oil every 7500 miles or more, but this is based on the best working conditions. If your old car is used up early, the manufacturer will sell you a new car. Although the new car can run longer on the same engine than the old car, and the oil improvement has extended its efficiency for a longer period of time, for safety reasons, I am now changing the oil every 5,000 miles or every six months. If you are a highway driver and have many long-distance travels at high speeds, you can extend the oil change interval, but on the latest vehicles, the oil change interval will not exceed 5,000 miles. Under no circumstances should the manufacturer's recommended oil change interval be exceeded.

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