Why Is Timing Belt Replacement Important?
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Why Is Timing Belt Replacement Important?

Why Is Timing Belt Replacement Important?

The timing belt is an important part of the engine's valve system. It is connected to the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust times. The use of belts instead of gears is due to the low noise of the belt, the precise transmission, the small amount of change and easy compensation. Obviously, the life of the belt must be shorter than that of the metal gear, so the belt must be replaced regularly.


The function of the timing belt is that when the engine is running, the piston stroke (moving up and down), the valve opening and closing (time), the ignition sequence (time), under the "timing" connection, always keep "synchronous" Running.


Timing belts first appeared in the 1960s, are used in most 4-cylinder vehicles, and are increasingly used in V6 engines. Timing belts were originally applied to cam-mounted engines. Compared to traditional timing chains, timing belts are more susceptible to damage.

Timing belts are rubber parts. With the increase of engine operating time, timing belts and accessories of timing belts, such as timing belt tensioners, timing belt tensioners and water pumps, will wear or age. Therefore, for any engine equipped with a timing belt, manufacturers will have strict requirements. Regularly replace the timing belt and accessories within a specified period. The replacement cycle varies with the structure of the engine. Generally, when the vehicle runs to 6 10,000 to 100,000 kilometers should be replaced, the specific replacement cycle should be based on the vehicle maintenance manual instructions.

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