How to Reduce Loud Car Noises?
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3 Ways to Reduce Loud Car Noises.

3 Ways to Reduce Car Noises

According to national regulations, the equivalent noise value of daytime noise on both sides of the urban traffic trunk is only 70 decibels. According to medical experts, in general, if the noise exceeds 50 decibels and the environment is in this environment for a long time, the human nervous system will be affected. When we drive high speed, will it cause you to be alert because the noise is too loud and the sound in the car can't be heard? In this issue, we will teach you all three ways to reduce car noise.

Method 1: Reduce engine noise

Sound-absorbing foam under the engine cover:

According to experts, engine noise is transmitted into the cab through the vibration of the front fender, hood, and exhaust pipe. The owner can attach a high-grade sound-absorbing foam under the hood, which absorbs and consumes a lot of engine noise and suppresses the vibration of the hood. However, this method should be completed by using professional construction techniques without destroying the original vehicle circuit and without changing the original vehicle structure.

Method 2: Reduce wind noise

Install the
door seal:

Wind noise is the noise generated by the rapid flow of air and the friction of the car body during the movement of the car. It is generally introduced into the car through the gap of the door, so it can be reduced by strengthening the rigor and sound insulation of the vehicle. Therefore, the approach we take is to install the door edge seals, which will reduce the wind noise and door collision.

Method 3: Reduce the tire noise

Change the comfort tire or sound insulation material:

The tire noise is generally generated by tire and pattern vibration or tread and ground friction impact, and resonates with the vibration of the fender, fender, and other components to amplify the incoming vehicle, so we can reduce the tire noise. The door, the door edge, the upper part of the wheel arch, the fender and the chassis are affixed with soundproofing materials to solve the problem, and the comfortable tire can also be replaced to reduce the friction noise.

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