Don't Press These 4 Buttons on the Car!
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Don't Press These 4 Buttons on the Car!

Don't Press These 4 Buttons on the Car!
The novice driver was very excited when he got his driver's license. He wanted to drive his beloved car immediately for a ride, but now the car is getting smarter, there are more buttons in the car, and the functions they represent are different. Even many old drivers sometimes don't get clear on it. So today, Senzeal-auto will count a few buttons that cannot be pressed randomly to avoid unnecessary trouble.
The first one, high beam button

One of the most annoying driving behaviors selected by online netizens is to turn on and off the lights at random. This is not only related to quality issues but also very dangerous because it will make us unable to see the road and the opposite vehicle. Many accidents occur. Fuse.
Second, airbag button

Many people think that when danger occurs, the airbag in the car will automatically pop out to protect us, which is not the case because it is also controlled by the switch. This button is generally located on the right side of the car or in the storage box in the middle. We must remember to check whether the switch can be turned on when driving, and do not move this button at will after turning on.
Third, the electronic handbrake button

In order to simplify our driving, many models will now be equipped with electric handbrake. After parking the car, you usually press this button to prevent the car from rolling. But if the vehicle is driving, don't press it at random, the consequences are very dangerous! In particular, the children in the car must be optimistic not to move.
Fourth, the ESP button

ESP is an electronic stabilization system, which can keep the car stable on wet roads and prevent skidding. If you accidentally close it, it is easy to get out of control when you are driving in rain, snow, or corners. "Car crash" is not a joke, so make sure it is turned on.
In addition to the above four, there are many more important buttons in the car, each of which has a special purpose. We should use it reasonably and give full play to their value so that driving will be more safe and convenient. Safety first, not just a slogan!

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