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Car Driving Recorder Installation Guide.

Car Driving Recorder Installation Guide

The driving recorder is a type of automobile supplies that has developed rapidly in recent years. In just a few years, the driving recorder has become an essential instrument for every car owner.

The driving recorder can be regarded as the "black box" of the car, install it on the front windshield of the vehicle, and record the images and sounds of the vehicle through high-definition lens photography. When an accident occurs, immediately provide evidence and it could protect the driver's rights. Previously equipped in many logistics companies or operating vehicles, it has been rapidly promoted to private cars in recent years and has become a highly concerned automotive product.
Although the driving recorder is so useful, we found that in the installation method, installation process and wiring process, there are some places that the owner often overlooks.
1. About the installation location

About the installation method of the recorder, the general product manual will have a detailed introduction, and the installation requirements are basically the same. When space permits, preferentially choose the position behind the rearview mirror, which is located in the middle of the vehicle, and the recording angle will be more accurate. Do not position too low, otherwise, it will easily block the driver's sight. If the space is limited, fine adjustment to the left and right sides is also possible, but the position should not be too biased, otherwise, the shooting angle will be inaccurate. Not to mention the convenience, it is meaningless to install the recorder in the upper left or upper right corner of the windshield.
2. The advantages and disadvantages of different installation methods

Under normal circumstances, the installation method of the driving recorder is divided into two kinds of sticking and suction cup, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are also very obvious. The method of gluing is stronger, but there is a drawback to the method of gluing, that is, it can no longer be moved at will. If you need to change it between different vehicles, it may be inconvenient. The way of the suction cup is relatively flexible, and it is very convenient to install and remove,
However, the suction cup may fall off in the summer with higher temperatures or in the winter with lower temperatures, and the firmness of the suction cup is slightly worse than the stickiness.
3. About wiring

It is post-installed equipment, after all, so the line coming out of the cigarette lighter is more obstructive, and there is currently no particularly good solution. Many people try to save trouble. For easy installation and disassembly, they are used to pulling the wire directly on the center console. However, the wire harness is easy to be wrapped around the gear speed handle, which is a hindrance. Therefore, you can consider combing the wire and clamping it in the interior panel. If the recorder is not often disassembled, you can also run the cable from the interior panel, bury the cable in the interior, and finally plug it into the cigarette lighter. But this is bound to destroy the interior panel, which may be unacceptable to some perfectionists.

Other friends will solve this problem by changing the circuit. Although it is once and for all, it is risky to change the circuit privately, so it is not recommended.

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