The Main Cause of Abnormal Brake Noise.
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The Main Cause of Abnormal Brake Noise.

The Main Cause of Abnormal Brake Noise.

1. The running-in of the new car, the running-in of the brake pads is a very important part, usually, drive after a few hundred kilometers, you can feel that the brakes will be more comfortable than new brake pads;

2. During the running of the vehicle, there may be very small sand particles in the middle of the brake plate and the plate, and sometimes there will be abnormal noise due to friction. This situation generally does not require maintenance. Just run to make the small sand particles fall out itself;

3. For those who are not running well and have abnormal noises, They just step on the brakes roughly. This can run in the brake in a short time, but this will make the brake pads more worn, that is to say, it reduces the brake pads service life, so it is recommended to run for a while to observe, do not artificially wear the brake pads;
4. Loss or damage of the fixing screw of the brake disc will also cause abnormal noise of the brake;
5. The brake system fails, which requires inspection and maintenance.

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