Which Seat in the Car is the Most Dangerous?
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Which Seat in the Car is the Most Dangerous?

Which Seat in the Car is the Most Dangerous?
When driving a car, safety is always the most important. For the car riding environment, which location is the safest? Most people will not hesitate to say that the rear seat of the driver's seat is the safest. Is this right?

American experts have ranked car safety seats. The rear seats have the lowest risk factor and the passenger seat has the highest risk factor.

First place: rear middle seat

In the event of an accident, the most important thing for the members sitting in the back row is the protection of the head, and the wide space gives more buffer time. Therefore, for the average family car, the safety factor of the rear row is higher than the safety factor of the front row.
However, the premise of sitting in the back row is that you must wear a seat belt. If you don’t wear a seat belt, you are the one who won the "most unsafe seat". Without any accident, just an emergency brake will threaten your life safety. The mortality rate in this position is as high as 90%.
Second place: the rear seat of driver's seat
The rear seats of the driver's seat are also very safe. One is in the rear row, which can have a longer buffer area. The second is that when an accident occurs, people's subconscious mind will evade urgently, and the driver will instinctively protect himself.
Third place: co-pilot rear seat
For many people like to choose this location, getting on and off is the most convenient, and his vision and comfort are also very good. In the same way, if you want to raise a chance to your life safety, please get in your car and fasten your seat belt.
Fourth place: driver's seat
In fact, the safety of the vehicle is determined by the driver. A law-abiding and well-trained driver rarely has an accident, and some non-law-abiding drivers, even if the vehicle's safety equipment is high, can hardly retreat when an accident occurs.


Fifth place: co-pilot position

The most dangerous position in the car is the front passenger seat. Many people like to sit in the co-pilot seat in a taxi, so they can stay close to the driver and talk and talk. Some minor children and pregnant women will also sit on the co-pilot without even wearing a seat belt, and the degree of danger will be worse.
When an accident occurs, the advanced safety equipment of the car can reduce the harm to a certain extent. However, no matter where you sit while traveling, you must be aware of safe driving. Always remember to wear your car seat belts when in the car. Only in this way will you be able to travel safely.

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