How to Diagnose Your Car Steering Wheel?
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How to Diagnose Your Car Steering Wheel?

How to Diagnose Your Car Steering Wheel?

As a very important control part of the vehicle, the steering wheel is related to many aspects. On the other hand, failures in many places can also be expressed through the steering wheel. Therefore, by carefully observing and feeling the steering wheel, you can find some faults in the car in advance.
When driving above mid-speed, the steering wheel strongly shakes, and the chassis has periodic abnormal noise, probably because the balance of the steering gear is destroyed, and the transmission shaft and its spline shaft and spline sleeve may be excessively worn.
It feels heavy and difficult to steer. It may be that the rolling bearings in various parts of the steering system are too tight, the bearings are poorly lubricated, and the ball head of the steering tie rod is too tight or lack of oil. In addition, the lack of front tire pressure may also cause this situation.

The steering wheel is difficult to maneuver. When driving or braking, the vehicle's direction automatically deviates to the side of the road. This situation may be caused by the inconsistency of the specifications of the front wheels on both sides of the air pressure. Inconsistencies or large differences in wheelbase may also cause this situation.
The whole car has a sense of flicker, often caused by the front wheel is swinging while driving. When the vehicle reaches a certain high speed, the steering wheel may tremble or oscillate. It may even feel that the direction of the car is inconsistent with the expected one. At this time, the speed of the car should be slowed down accordingly. By the way, factors such as broken tires or tire repairs that damage the dynamic balance of the front wheel assembly, failure of the shock absorber, loosening of steering system components, and improper alignment of the front wheels may also cause this result.

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